Meet Tom

Tom Wilkes is about family, vocation, volunteering and purpose. He has been married to his wonderful wife, Marianne, for 28 years. Tom and Marianne have four children plus one additional they picked up along the way. Tom’s construction experience spans several years. His sum of experience in construction and the related construction field spans over 25 years. Tom approaches his business like his family, paying attention to the details with a purpose for a greater future for all involved.

Level Of Service

We promise to communicate with you, the customer, promptly and clearly so you may move forward with ease and confidence with your project. In the construction industry, as with our peers, it is difficult to control every aspect of the process. Weather, site conditions, subcontractor availability and costs can be difficult to regulate. We promise to control all which can be controlled and anticipated at the highest level, so the unforeseen can be mitigated and your project completed well and in a timely manner.

Mission Statement

The Brytech mission is to strive to make a great project, inspire our employees and subcontractors to enjoy success and satisfaction in vocation by performing at their best, and create and complete excellent projects which exceed the expectations of our customers and friends.

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